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The name S. Pramod Chandra Naidu has been associated with Hyderabad Table Tennis for over 25 years. Pramod has been a true leader for Hyderabad TT, serving as a flamboyant player, effective coach, and an adept tournament organizer.

He has been a flamboyant and explosive player since the 1980's. Pramod has an unusual hybrid offensive game which is a combination of tremendous spin serves with some of the fastest drives and counter drives that demonstrates excellent ball control and crafty strategies. He is greatly admired for both his tenacity and ingenuity and for his selfless service to his fellow paddlers. Pramod is among the first to offer fine tips and coaching, especially to the less experienced players.

Additionally, he has been associated with umpiring from a very young age of 13 and he holds the distinction of being the youngest ever organizer of the prestigious YMCA Open TT tournament way back in 1992. Since then, he has successfully organized more than 175 tournaments in most parts of India which not only involved popular event formats of single elimination, but also convoluted round robin and multiple round robin league formats with one or two players advancing from each group to a single-elimination or round-robin second stage for upto 24 players. Amongst his admirable traits is his fetish to details of all the various issues that come together to make a tournament well organized and a bonding that he shares and continues to foster with players irrespective of age and calibre. No wonder he is rated as one of the finest tournament organizers that Hyderabad has produced in the last twenty five years.


S Pramod Chandra Naidu is well known as Mentor for the Table Tennis training in hyderabad. He has started playing tennis at a very tender age of 8 years when his mother took him to YMCA and joined him there for learning Table Tennis.

Gradually he put his whole efforts in learning the game and the trainers where very much impressed with his learning ability. Since the day one he started playing the Table Tennis game, YMCA staff and players were much impressed about his style of playing and the strickes that he showed.

Even now he memorizes the day when he was bought to YMCA to join the TT by his mother. He was born and brought up in Ganfoundry, Hyderabad. After his training in YMCA with the knowledge gained, he was called as a trainer for the juniors at YMCA. He gradually stated his career as a Table Tennis Trainer at YMCA.

Since then he started training the youngsters with a professional atmosphere were in all the students from various schools and colleges learned the techniques of Table Tennis. A Four table large space was acquired on the Second Floor at YMCA and this was maintained by Pramod as a passion to train the students. This is not a only academy but a place where all the national and international players from YMCA come for a gathering and they also share their experiences and techniques to the students.

His aim is to associate with a progressive organization that gives scope to update knowledge and skills that dynamically work towards growth of an organization. Keeping this in consideration he approached few state level and international schools for training at school premises. Based on his success story and vast experience what Pramod holds he was appointed as the Senior Table Tennis Trainer at DRS international School, Meridian School,

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